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How was your Ebook Bestseller list complied?
Every Saturday morning, as close to 8 AM as possible, I went on each of the most popular e-book stores and pulled their current list of the top ten bestselling e-books in the children's fiction category. I loaded the results into my template and published it that day. I did this from November 2010 through November 2015.

Why are the category titles on the list different for each store?
To be accurate in what I'm presenting, I used the category title exactly as it is listed on each store.  They vary: Children's, Youth and YA, Children's and YA, Juvenile.  Barnes & Noble splits them into Kids' Books and Teen Books.

Why did you start this blog?
In October, 2010 I attended the Florida Writers Association annual conference. Three things about that conference came together to give me the idea for this blog.

1) Several speakers encouraged us to "build our platform" through blogs, websites and social media. It was made clear that agents and publishers want authors who already have a platform in place through which they will be able to publicize their books.
2) The topic of e-books came up frequently, as well as the decline of traditional bookstores. 
3) I pitched two books to an agent.

The combination of these three factors made me wonder about the future of my books. If the agent accepted them that day (unlikely, I know), it would be at least another two years before the book got to the stores. What stores would be left? If e-distribution is the future of books, will we need agents and publishers for distribution? printing? warehousing stock? Publishers are doing less and less publicity, and I need to build my own platform.  All of these factors combined, I suspected, for a bigger role for the author and a smaller role for the publisher. 

I wanted to keep my eyes on this trend, and I believed there were many other authors, readers, and purchasers of children's books who wanted to follow it too.  The blog gives us all a chance to converse, adapt, learn and grow with these changes. 

For more details, see my first post for my top ten reasons for starting this blog.