Saturday, August 22, 2015

DARKNESS BRUTAL: Seven Weeks in the Top Ten for Teens in the Kindle Store

Darkness Brutal by Rachel A. Marks hit the number 3 spot in the Teen section of the Amazon Kindle store on June 6th. The next two Saturdays, it sat at number 1, and it remained in the top ten for another four weeks. This is Rachel's first book in what will be her Dark Cycle series. She joins us today to share about her e-publishing success.

First, Rachel, tell us what your book is about.

DARKNESS BRUTAL is my debut novel about a teen boy named, Aidan, who is trying to save his sister, Ava, from the demons trying to hurt her. He has a few very unique abilities and he's hoping they'll help him protect her. But their journey takes an interesting turn when Aidan ends up under the wing of an enigmatic con artist who runs a paranormal detective agency. Eventually he'll have to decide what he wants to save more; his sister or the world.

Tell us about your marketing and use of social media.

I love social media and I think it's an awesome tool for writers. We can connect to readers, potential and current, but we can also keep in touch with fellow authors and feel supported.

What is your target audience, and how do you believe the e-format works for that audience and serves their needs?

Teens are my target audience and while I think eBooks aren't as loved by the young crowd yet, I feel like it' only a matter of time, especially with all the devices young people have these days.

What does your writing schedule look like?

I usually write while the kids are in school and then later in the evening (unless I have design deadlines). I hold my writing time sacred, especially since I'm now responsible for writing two more sequels in The Dark Cycle story.

What are you working on now?

DARKNESS FAIR is the second book in The Dark Cycle and it'll be releasing at the beginning of February, 2016 (it's already available for pre-order). It's going to take Aidan's story to the next level and delve deeper into the characters from DARKNESS BRUTAL. This series is meant to be a slow unveiling of the world and characters as well as the mystery that Aidan faces to save those he loves. Hopefully in Book 2 the reader will get a lot of surprises and feel the story's only becoming bigger and more satisfying. Hopefully. ;)

Learn more about Rachel and her books by visiting her website (where you can read Chapter 1 of Darkness Brutal) or by following her on Facebook or Twitter

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