Saturday, April 18, 2015

THE MERMAID'S SISTER Floated Right Up to Number One for Kindle Teens

Carrie Anne Noble is today's featured author. She wrote The Mermaid's Sister, which hit the number one spot in the Teen section of the Amazon Kindle store on February 7th. It stayed in the top ten for another five weeks, most of the time still in that number one spot.

The Mermaid's Sister also won the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in the Young Adult Fiction Category. I'm delighted that we get to hear all about Carrie's e-publishing success.

First, tell us what your book is about.

When sixteen-year-old Clara discovers that her sister Maren is becoming a mermaid, Clara and her best friend O’Neill undertake a perilous journey to the sea—for a mermaid cannot survive long on land. Along the way, they’re entrapped by a wicked troupe of traveling performers and a potent potion. Clara must find a way for them to escape before it’s too late to save her mermaid sister from death.

How did you get published? Traditionally or independently?

My path was highly unusual! My book won the Young Adult category in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. It was a big surprise, and allowed me to skip the whole querying process, which can take years. The editors and publishing team at Skyscape (Amazon’s YA publishing house) have been very good to me as a newcomer to the business, walking me through each step and cheering me on. The journey from first draft to published book took about two years and three months.

How are people finding out about your book? Tell us about your marketing and use of social media.

Amazon chose The Mermaid’s Sister to be a Kindle First book for February, which means Amazon Prime members have been able to read it as an e-book in pre-release. This gave the book a lot of momentum. I also use Twitter, Facebook, and my blog as marketing tools—although I’m still trying to learn the best ways to do so.

Some studies say children reading e-books are reading more, while other studies say they comprehend less of what they read. What’s your opinion or experience?

I think that any reading children do is beneficial, whether they’re fully comprehending the text or not. Growing up, I read a lot of books that were “above me,” and I have no doubt that my vocabulary and writing skills grew because of that stretching.

What does your writing schedule look like? What are you working on now?

My writing schedule is kind of messed up at the moment, as I’ve been trying to do more blog posting and social media stuff in the last couple weeks. I’m planning to re-focus this week on finishing my next novel. I do most of my writing while my kids are at school. My next book is also for young adults, and it contains leprechauns.

Learn more bout Carrie Anne and her books by visiting her website, or by following her on Facebook or Twitter.

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