Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kindle Teens Give HOUSE OF KORBA a Home in the Top Ten

House of Korba by C. L. Stone hit the number 8 spot in the Teen section of the Amazon Kindle store on October 25th. The book is the seventh in The Academy: Ghost Bird Series. 

C. L. describes her genre by saying she writes about "cute boys and uncomfortable situations, usually mixed together."  She joins us today to talk about her book and its e-pub success.

To begin, tell us what your book is about.

The Academy: Ghost Bird series is about nine cute guys, one shy girl, and a whole lot of awkward. With spies. And chocolate chip pancakes.

What top factors do you believe put your e-book where it is now? 

Spending time getting to know characters in depth right in the beginning, and readers are able to carry those details with them through a series. They know that Luke's favorite color is baby blue, and that Gabriel plays guitar. These are details readers absolutely love, and that carry them as the story continues on.

Other factors were making sure the first book was free. What's the best way to discover an author? Sometimes it is trying their books at the library or borrowing from a friend. Having a free book is no longer difficult to do, because digital media makes it possible for me to share. Once they read, they can decide to continue on. I also try to make it easy to find my books elsewhere. I try to contribute to libraries where possible.

How are people finding out about your book? Tell us about your marketing and use of social media.

A lot of it is due to word of mouth from fans, plus the first book is free, which makes it easy for readers to pick up and try. I sometimes use BookBub to market the free book, and I also publish regularly. I provide new content when I can, and interact with readers on social media, engaging with them and discussing the books and series with them.

Some studies say children reading e-books are reading more, while other studies say they comprehend less of what they read. What’s your opinion or experience?

Are they enjoying reading more? Comprehension is tricky, because that's really subjective and what one person picks up, another person might not. And people never read the same book. What I mean is, what one person 'sees' when she is reading, another reader might see it in a completely different light, with different people's features, voices, etc. My opinion is if they are reading more, they are enjoying it, and that's a good thing. 

Time to pull out your Magic 8 Ball:  How do you see the world of e-publishing developing for children and young adults over the next 5 years? 

Print is still a big deal at the moment, but I see ebooks being a good option. How many of us struggled to find space for 'yet another book' we picked up? It's fun, in a way, to juggle all those books, but for some, finding that next book in the bookstore, waiting in line, having that space, it is impossible. Digital makes it easy to buy, easy to read, easy to share.

Do you believe the e-format helps or hurts your readers, specifically children and/or young adults? How?

E-format is awesome! A quick click and you're reading. You can carry a library with you on your phone, your e-reader, etc. It isn't whether it is paper or a screen that they have on hand, it's the story they pull from the book. Don't like the book? Delete it. Love the book? Keep it forever without spilling coffee on the pages. Bilbo is still the lovable hobbit, with or without paper and glue, because stories are the heart.

Learn more about C. L. Stone and her books by visiting her website, or by following her on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads.

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