Saturday, September 6, 2014

CONVERSION by Katherine Howe - An Immediate Nook Top Ten Favorite

Conversion by New York Times bestselling author Katherine Howe was first released on July 1st, and by July 5th it had already risen to the #3 spot in the Kids' section of the Barnes and Noble Nook store.  Katherine joins us today to share about her book and her e-publishing success.

First, please tell us what Conversion is about.

It’s senior year at St. Joan’s Academy, and school is a pressure cooker. College applications, the battle for valedictorian, deciphering boys’ texts: Through it all, Colleen Rowley and her friends are expected to keep it together. Until they can’t.

Inspired by true events—from seventeenth-century colonial life to the halls of a modern-day high school—Conversion casts a spell. With her signature wit and passion, New York Times bestselling author Katherine Howe delivers an exciting and suspenseful novel, a chilling mystery that raises the question, what’s really happening to the girls at St. Joan’s? 

Tell us briefly about your path to publication: Traditional or independent? Recently or further in the past?

I took a traditional path to publication, finding an agent and then publishing two novels for adults, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane in 2009 and The House of Velvet and Glass in 2012. Conversion is my first novel for young adults. 

How are people finding out about your book? Tell us about your marketing and use of social media.

I have been fortunate to work with a terrific publisher, Penguin Teen, which has done a lot to put Conversion into readers' hands and onto readers' screens. I also am easily accessible to my readers, with a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a Pinterest and a website.

What is your target audience, and how do you believe the e-format works for that audience and serves their needs?

My audience is anyone who is busy and interested in the world around them, maybe busy enough that they always want to have books along for the ride, but crave the convenience of an e-reader. I think the major advantage of e-published books is that a reader can carry as many books as she wants, wherever she goes. It's amazing that we can even read books on our phones now. 

What does your writing schedule look like? What are you working on now?

Right now I'm finishing a second young adult novel, a love story set in contemporary New York City about a boy in film school at NYU who falls for a girl who has a terrible secret. The working title is The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen, and it should be available in Summer 2015. 

Do you believe the e-format helps or hurts you as an author? How?

In general I'm in favor of anything that helps brings books and readers together, and for a lot of us, e-readers are an important part of that process. My sole hesitation lies in e-book piracy. Whenever I see an illegal copy of one of my books available for free online, a book that took years of my life and thought to produce, it feels like someone has come into my house and taken the milk out of my refrigerator. 
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