Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm Back, The List is Back, and I'm Ready to Feature More Top Ten Authors!

Wow -- six weeks! This is the longest break I've taken from the blog since it started in November of 2010. All three of my adult children came home for the holidays, so I wanted to keep my schedule open to enjoy their visit. After they left, I flew to Bangkok for two weeks to teach English and share a career workshop I designed for people coming out of the careers Bangkok is known for. (Keepin' it G-rated, you know. This is, after all, the Kids' EBook Bestseller blog.) I just got back last Saturday evening.

The Bestseller List has been updated this morning, and you can check back every Saturday for the latest top tens in the top online stores. Even though it's been six weeks since I last looked, I see some of the same authors still dominating the list--primarily, Veronica Roth with her Insurgent trilogy and Rick Riordan with his Percy Jackson series and his Heroes of Olympus series. Hurrah for them!  I also see a few new names, and you can be sure I'll be contacting them for interviews! In the meantime, you can always check the Author Index to read your pick of the dozens of interviews I've featured over the years.