Saturday, August 17, 2013

SECOND HEARTS, Fifth Week As an iBookstore Bestseller.

Today's featured author is GJ Walker Smith. She wrote Second Hearts, which hit the top ten in the iBookstore on June 20th and June 27th. It showed up again on August 3rd, and has been staying in that prized position ever since. GJ joins us to share about her story ... and the story of her e-pub success.

Let's get started with a summary of your story.

Second Hearts is book two of The Wishes Series. Charli Blake has spent the past year living out her dream of travelling. On a whim, she decides to cut her trip short and head to New York in search of Adam D├ęcarie, the boy she fell madly in love with the year earlier. They’d first met in the tiny town she lived in. This time round, they’re on his home turf and life is extraordinarily different. It’s a coming of age story about a young couple who fell in love easily, but have a much harder time staying in love.

Tell us briefly about your path to publication: Traditional or independent?

I chose to publish independently because I’m impatient! Once I finally made the decision to get my stories out there, I wanted it done quickly. In hindsight, I wouldn’t change a thing. It was definitely the right path for me.

What top factors do you believe put your e-book where it is now?

Periodically listing my first book, Saving Wishes, for free has given Second Hearts a great push. People took a chance on an unknown author and downloaded the freebie. Thankfully, those who enjoyed the first book were keen to continue the story and tell others about it. 

How are people finding out about your book? Tell us about your marketing and use of social media.

My Facebook page is my main link to my readers. I’ve met such great people and choose to hang out there most days. iTunes have been very kind to me with providing great exposure. My books were featured in the ‘breakout books’ and ‘hot new teen fiction’ sections. I’ve also been privileged to meet some fantastic bloggers who’ve run some great features and competitions on my work.

What is your target audience, and how do you believe the e-format works for that audience and serves their needs?

I expected my audience to be predominately teen girls but many of my readers are much older. I love hearing that mums and daughters are reading and enjoying my books together. I’m sure younger audiences love the convenience and lower price of e-books.

Do you think e-publishing will eventually take over print publishing? Why or why not?

I think e-publishing will continue to grow but I don’t think it will ever take over print publishing. Nothing compares to turning the pages of a book you really love. A good book can be a treasured possession, especially for children.

Use the Facebook link GJ provided above to follow all the latest news about her and her books.. And don't forget to have a look at the latest Kids' EBook Bestseller List to see this week's top tens for children and teens -- including Second Hearts in the iBookstore.