Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jack D. Albrecht and Ashley Delay Found Magical Success With THE WAND-MAKER'S DEBATE.

Today we have twice as much wisdom to share about ebook success. Co-authors Jack D. Albrecht Jr. and Ashley Delay wrote The Wand-Maker's Debate, the first book in their Osric's Wand series. On August 3rd, it hit the number 9 spot in the Children's and Teen section of the Amazon Kindle store.

The second book, High-Wizard's Hunt, is also available. Jack says, "We are currently working on the third book in the series. We expect there to be many more in the world of Archana, but the story tends to write itself, so we can't give you a definite count as of yet. Keep watching the website for updates on the progress of the series!" 

OK, so back to the bestseller...

In a few sentences, tell us what The Wand-Maker's Debate is about.

In a world of magic, why wouldn’t animals speak? Archana is a world much like our own; however our renaissance came in the form of science, theirs is one of magic. Disease was our catalyst, and war will be theirs. 

What top factors do you believe put your e-book where it is now?

A lot of hard work, and a whole lot of help from fans. It is not surprising to say that independent authors have less resources than the big publishing houses, but we have some very motivated readers who have given us a great deal of exposure. 

Outside of our fan base, we have located two very good promotional sites that can help any author. The Indie Book Collective has classes as well as promotions that gave us most of our success. The classes are mandatory for new authors to their promotions, and we can honestly say that we would not have been half as successful if we hadn't taken them. The promotions require a great deal of personal sacrifice, as well as an understanding that what they say is never intended to do anything other than help you in your publishing journey. Because of them, we had our first book cover completely redesigned and paid to have professional editing done on our books. We hit a best seller list shortly after, and we have been gaining ground ever since. 

Another great avenue for authors to gain exposure is through, they have some great advertising campaigns at an affordable price. 

What is your target audience, and how do you believe the e-format works for that audience and serves their needs?

We like to think of our books as having a very broad base audience. We have the old wize man, who also happens to be quite grumpy, as well as the cute kid who always seems to break the tension at the right moment, and has a way of seeing things in ways nobody else does.

 With that being said, most of our marketing lends to a younger audience and most of our readership is mid-twenty women. So, it is really hard to nail down a specific age group. But our advertising is doing well, so we would have to call it YA fantasy by the strength of the evidence. 

Do you believe the e-format helps or hurts your readers, specifically children and/or young adults? How?

We tend to think that e-format is the way the world is moving. We don't think it will ever eliminate paperbacks, but more eBooks are sold everyday already. We love a paperback ourselves, but it does appear that the future will have a lot less dead trees than the past has. We have yet to really explore electronics in our schools in any more than a rudimentary class, so we should all ask ourselves that question on a daily basis. Whether of not it is a good thing, only time will tell.

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