Saturday, March 9, 2013

From Karleen: Squeezing in a Post Between Authors

The response from authors to my interview requests for the Kids' EBook Besteller blog has been so positive that I’ve often posted twice a week just to keep up and get their book info out in a timely manner. But another result has been that I haven’t had a chance to do a post of my own in a very long time. Today I'm taking the reins to say "Hi!" and update you on some behind-the-scenes topics.

The blog has been running since November, 2010 and as far as I know it is still the only multi-store bestseller list of e-books for children and young adults. (The New York Times has not yet broken out e-books for kids/YA into a separate list. They are just lumped into the general  “fiction e-books” category.) I am delighted to bring this information to you every week, and I love singing the praises of these authors who are finding success in e-publishing.

The publishing industry continues to change fast. When I started this blog, the Borders stores were closing. Now Barnes and Noble is in the news, reporting significant losses, reduction of their Nook program, and stores closing. I live in Florida’s most densely populated county, yet I need to drive over 20 minutes to get to my nearest bookstore, a B & N. Once that closes, my other options will be two small indie stores each over 45 minutes away. This reflects the huge changes in how we buy books.

Looking ahead, I see plenty of room for middle grade books on the Kids Ebook Bestseller list. Right now it’s dominated by picture books and young adult novels. Plenty of parents are reading to their small children on their tablet, e-reader or smart phone, and loads of teens are reading on devices as well. I believe the age of ownership of such devices will keep falling and the MG market is full of opportunity for the author seeking to e-publish as more and more kids in that age bracket get their own tablets or e-readers. Rick Riordan has been the most prominent MG author, and Jeff Kinney is now showing up more. But other than that, the MG sector has room for growth in the ebook market.(Hurrah! Because that's what I write!)
Moving forward, I’d love to hear from you. Each author I contact gets to choose between three to five questions from a list of ten. Are there questions you would like to see answered regarding e-books for children and young adults? Throw me some suggestions, and I'll see if I can use them to freshen up the list.

So far I’ve featured interviews with over 90 authors. Check out the list! There are some that I’d love to feature, but either I can’t find contact information for them, or they have not answered my emails. Here’s my current wish list: A.J. Cosmo, Stephen Chbosky, Kelly Mooney, Meredith Badger, Jeff Kinney, Pittacus Lore, R.J. Palacio, Noah Child and any of the three authors who represent the "Erin Hunter" name. If you have a connection to any of these authors, let them know about my blog and if they are interested in an interview, they can contact me at Info (at) KidsEbookBestsellers (dot) com.

Keep coming back to visit. The Kids' EBook Bestseller List is updated every Saturday morning. And there are always interesting authors to hear from, sharing their successful experience with e-publishing. You can keep up with me, the blog, my books and all the latest news in e-publishing for kids and YA by following me on Twitter or on Facebook.