Wednesday, July 4, 2012

E-Readers for Kids -- New Products to Consider

Usually here at, the focus is on the authors and their e-books that have made it on to my weekly bestseller list.. But today let's talk about the e-readers.

Young adults are reading these books in a variety of ways -- on their phones, their laptops, their tablets, and perhaps on a designated e-reader. What about younger kids? Do you cringe when you five-year old wants to use your iPad to read a book while drinking juice or eating something sticky? While your Kindle Fire is durable enough to throw in your purse with your keys (as stated in the promo film), can it hande a fall from your eight-year old's tree house?

If you're tired of lending out your e-reader or tablet with fear and trepidation, have a look at some of the new gadgets designed specifically with kids in mind. 

For the little tykes, check out the VTech InnoTab 2. From the looks of it, I'm thinking with would appeal to the 5-and-under crowd, although they are saying it's for kids up to age 9. Priced at $79.99, it offers a variety of functions. "The device is packed with various multimedia features including a photo viewer, MP3 player, video player, and an ebook reader. A microphone, a rotatable camera and a tilt sensor add creative dimensions to the device."

Once kids hit school age, they'll want something that looks less like a toy. Gajah has a new soon-to-be released e-reader made for children. It's actually touted as a tablet and it features a sleeker look that will appeal to the kindergarten-and-up group. This one's still "under development" so be on the lookout for more details and a price at their website.

My fav for school-aged kids is the Vinci Tab II. The price is steeper at $169, but again this is a tablet, not just an e-reader. The nice aspect, in my opinion, is that it looks more like a tablet and less like a toy, a feature that I'm sure will appeal to kids aged 6 and over.

I'm sure as we get closer to the holiday season, more companies will be releasing their latest innovations for this fast-growing market of e-reader technology for children. To keep up, you can always check the news feed to the left of this post for the latest news in the e-book world for children and young adults.