Saturday, April 28, 2012

Worldreader: Using E-books to Change Lives in Africa

Through this blog, I'm in contact with so many authors of e-books for children and young adults. That's why I thought you'd be interested in Seth Godin's blog post yesterday, sharing the news about Worldreader and encouraging publishing houses and authors to donate books to this program. 

Worldreader is a non profit that gives Kindles to children in sub-Saharan Africa. They just completed a study analyzing the effects of the one-year pilot program in Ghana, and the results are promising. There were significant increases in reading skill, in time spent reading, and in the variety and number of books available to the children. The program proved to be cost effective when compared to the price of shipping books combined with the short shelf life of a paper book.

Check out the links I've provided. If you are interested in donating your e-book to this program, the Worldreader site has the specifics on how you (or your publisher) can get involved. 

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