Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Kids' E-Book Bestseller Blog

This week marks the one year anniversary of the Kids' E-Book Bestseller list and blog. Looking back on my first post on November 26th, 2010, "My Top Ten Reasons For Starting This Blog," you can see it's been an unusual year for the publishing industry, for the book business, and for authors. The landscape of publishing has changed dramatically, leaving many winners and many losers. Let's have a look. 
  • In November, 2010, there were no bestseller lists for e-books. Finally in February, the New York Times added two new lists to their arsenal -- one for fiction e-books and one for non-fiction e-books. They still don't have a list specifically for e-books for children and/or young adults. 
  • In September, 2011, the last of the Borders stores closed. Locally, I've discovered that our Waldenbooks closed as well as Books-a-Million. I live in one of the most densely populated counties in Florida, and my only bookstore within a half hour drive any direction is a Barnes and Noble. In the meantime, the internet gives me as a reader world-wide, 24/7 access to books for sale. It gives me as an author world-wide, 24/7 distribution of my book. And with Twitter, Facebook, forums and more, it gives me world-wide, 24/7 marketing opportunities. 
  • Over the past year, I've interviewed dozens of authors who've hit the top ten on the Kids' E-Book Bestseller list. Some are indies, some are traditionally published. Most have been pleasantly surprised by their e-format success. And most are excited by the new opportunities the e-format gives them as authors. 
  • And back when I started this blog, a local high school was one of the first to distribute Kindles to their students, in place of text books. They've deemed the experiment a success, and have continued to use Kindles for this school year. Many other schools have followed, and our governor has decided to make e-readers available in all public schools, kindergarten through high school, by 2015. 
Personally over the past year I've spoken with a variety of editors, agents, and traditionally published authors. It's my impression that the industry still had its head in the sand and its fingers crossed while more and more authors are exploring the new freedoms of the e-format and print on demand, and are enjoying a bigger cut of their profits. I've published my first e-book on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble. It was relatively easy. Many established authors are taking their mid-list books that are not longer in circulation, re-publishing them as e-books, and are finding even greater success than they ever had in bookstores. 

So join me as we delve into another year, with more breaking news as technology continues to advance, and with more interesting and informative interviews with successful authors for children and young adults. Keep coming back, and take a minute to tell a friend! 

As always, the Kids' E-Book Bestseller List has been updated (every Saturday, 8 AM). Have a look!