Saturday, November 26, 2011

E-Reader or Tablet? What's on Your Gift List?

With Black Friday now past, it’s the season to be thinking about gift lists and shopping, if you have not done so already. Last year the oh-so-hot gift was the e-reader. This year, both the Nook and the Kindle have been morphed into tablets. In fact, Squidoo's Top Ten Christmas Gifts list  calls this year “The Year of The Tablet.” The list puts tablets in the number 3 spot, comparing the Kindle Fire favorably to the iPad, and it puts “A Tablet for the Kids” in the number 9 spot, featuring the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet.

So what does this e-reader-to-tablet evolution mean for kids, and for people who write for kids?

First, I think it means more kids will be inheriting their parents’ hand-me-down e-readers as Mom and Dad upgrade to a tablet now that they are so affordable.

And second, as tablets thrive, the prices of e-readers dive. That’s making them very affordable presents for kids. The Nook Simple Touch is now available for just $99 , and a Limited Edition sold for $79 on Black Friday.  Over at Amazon, the Kindle Wi-Fi 6" is selling for $79. 

With more kids getting e-readers one way or the other, the e-options for Children’s and YA authors look even more promising for the year ahead!

If you’re looking for a tablet, here's a review that compares the Kindle Fire to the iPad, and at the bottom there’s a video that compares the Kindle Fire to the Nook Tablet.
Whatever you buy, check this week’s Kids' E-Book Bestseller List  for all the latest reads to load up your new reader OR tablet, whichever you choose. (Or whichever Santa chooses to bring you.)