Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garfield: Purr-fect for E-books?

Earlier this month, Two Minute Garfield Stories by Jim Davis showed up on my Kids' E-book Bestseller list.  Between his cartooning, TV animation and his work for literacy, Jim took the time to share his thoughts on the e-format and its influence on him, and of course on Garfield! 

Jim, tell us what your book is about. Two-Minute Garfield Stories are just the right length for bedtime and the stories are a mashup of heartwarming classics and imaginative new tales.

What is your target audience?  How do you believe the e-format works for that audience?

This book is aimed at the younger audience -- the stories are simple and short! Perfect for bedtime, a car trip, an airplane ride. I was just on an airplane where a 2-year old was totally mesmerized by the e-reader his mom had -- the little boy didn't make a peep during the 2-hour trip!

Is your book available in print format? How do your sales compare between the two formats?

Too early to compare sales, but Garfield Two-Minute Stories was first published by Golden Books in 1991.

Tell us about your path to e-publication.

This is the first-ever digital Garfield book. I’m excited by the potential – publishing has always been a mainstay for Garfield . It’s fun to have the publishing world reinvent itself!

What were your initial thoughts about e-publishing?

My first thought was, oh boy, now we have to digitize all the books we’ve done since 1978. But I’m already a fan. Anything that gets kids to read is good by me.


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