Saturday, October 22, 2011

From Heather Killough-Walden: What's Not to Love About E-Books?

Today we have a guest post from  Heather Killough-Walden, bestselling author of The Big Bad Wolf series and The October Trilogy. We last heard from Heather in August when I interviewed her about her book, Forever Neverland. She has another book called Sam I Am that she's publishing in e-format only, and it's perfect for Halloween reading. Over to Heather....

I love eBooks. What’s not to love about eBooks? No murdered trees, no bulky weight, no need for a book mark. You can change the size of the font for those days when you just woke up way too early, and on some devices, there’s not even a need for a reading lamp. You can stay up late to enjoy your favorite book without bothering the loved one trying to sleep beside you because the chapter you’re on is back-lit by the device you’re reading it off of. All of these things are great reasons to love eBooks.

But I’ve got an even better one. The world of eBooks allows writers who were previously ignored by the publishing world to finally step out of the lonely cold of the shadows and into the sunlight. To someone like me, who has literally been writing for nearly the entire duration of her life, that’s nothing short of a miracle.

And that’s why most of my books are self-published eBooks, including Sam I Am. Self publishing was where I got my start. Before eBooks came along, the self publishing choices available to aspiring writers were sketchy, expensive, and disappointing. However, eBooks made their debut and stepped into the lime light with Amazon’s Kindle, and suddenly there were angels singing for writers everywhere.

EBooks have been good to me. I’ve hit the #1 slot in vampire romance on Amazon four times. I’ve hit similar slots on Barnes and Noble. I made the USA Today Bestseller’s List. I became a New York Times bestselling author… all with self published eBooks. If you really can write, if you really do have a gift, and you have the guts to not only reveal yourself to the world but throw yourself upon the mercy of readers everywhere, then eBook publishing can become your very best friend in the world. It’s why I continue to write and publish eBooks even now that I have a print publishing deal with major publishing houses around the world.

And it’s why I’ll probably continue to do so – until the day Sam Hain comes for me. Me. The bard, the storyteller. Because what kind of world would it be without books? Books, whether scribbled onto paper or created with keyboards and light, are magic. But don’t take my word for it. Join the lovely bard Logan Wright as she discovers for herself just how powerful the written word can be, in Sam I Am, the first book my young adult romance series, The October Trilogy.  Halloween is here. The door to Sam Hain’s realm has opened. Sit down with a cup of hot apple cider or steaming, marshmallow-topped cocoa and dare to find out just what it is that waits on the other side.

Heather has a special offer for you. She's giving away 5 Kindle copies of Sam I Am to the first 5 people who sign up on her Twitter account and send her a message referencing the Kids' E-book Bestseller blog. (twitter = @killoughwalden) Good luck!

This week I need to compile my bestseller list on Friday night instead of Saturday morning, since I will be at the Florida Writers Association annual conference. Check the list for the latest top tens in e-format for kids and YA!