Saturday, May 7, 2011

E-Books Thrive as Print Books Dive AND Children’s Choice Award Winners Announced

"Ebook Sales Explode in February As Other Segments Sink." That was the striking headline to a Publisher's Weekly article from April 14th which says while February e-book sales increased 202.3% over January, adult hardcover sales and mass market paperback sales both dropped by over 40%. Check out the comments after the article – one person says he was told by a publisher that e-books are a “niche product” and “a dying technology.”

And while e-sales were exploding in February, what were the publishers doing? Eighty executives from book publishers Simon & Schuster, Random House, W.W. Norton & Company and others were meeting "to strategize how to transform their stagnating print empires into thriving business by 2020." Their conclusion? Invest in digital. Ummm...shouldn't they have figured that out sooner than February?  Read about the meeting and their conclusions.

For another take on the future of publishing, listen to a recent interview with Seth Godin. If publishers are trying to turn things around by 2020, they may be out of luck. Seth believes that the publishing industry as we know it will only last another five years. (The interview is 25 minutes long, but worth the time.)

In the meantime, Barnes and Noble sent me an e-mail advertising the Color Nook as “The #1 Gift This Mother’s Day” and Amazon’s Kindle is featured on the "Mothers Day Picks -- Top Gifts" list. 

Onward to talk about bestselling e-books and their authors. Two weeks ago I told you about the Children’s Choice Awards. The winners were announce this week and Rick Riordan won author of the year! He also won “Fifth to Sixth Grade Book of the Year” for The Red Pyramid. Rick has been on my e-book bestseller list  every week since I started it. Congratulations, Rick!

In correlation with the Children’s Choice Awards, featured some of the nominees reading their books.  P.C. Cast has been a regular on my list, and you can see her read  from Burned, a book she co-authored with her daughter, Kristen.

Personally, I fell in love with Even Monsters Need Haircuts by Matthew McElligott. Even though it’s not an e-book, I have to give it a plug. The story is delightful and it stayed with me for days. 

Lots of news, lots of links, lots to read to keep up with the ever-changing world of kids' books. Enjoy!