Saturday, February 12, 2011

News to Use

Last week I talked about Amanda Hocking and her success in the e-book format. This week she was featured in a USA Today article,  "Authors Catch Fire with Self-Published E-Books."  While most of the article is about her, it also mentions other authors who have found success in e-books, such as H.P. Mallory. She sold 70,000 e-books since July, catching the attention of Random House which resulted in a three-book contract.

I’m often asked, “Are kids really reading e-books?” The New York Times answered that with a resounding “Yes!” in their article, “ E-Readers Catch Younger Eyes.” E-books sales continue to rise fast in the young adult/teen market, and younger children are catching the trend too. Adults are finding that children who were reluctant readers when given traditional print books are now becoming eager readers when given e-books. In my opinion, middle grade books will soon be in greater demand as the e-book technology becomes more prevalent, cheaper, and in greater demand by younger children.

Conclusion? It's an exciting time to be a writer for children!