Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Changing Face of the World of Books

As promised back in December, on February 11th the New York Times announced the addition of two new bestseller lists: one for fiction e-books and one for non-fiction e-books. 

Nothing for children's e-books yet, unless a children’s or YA e-book sells enough to make the fiction list. When Harry Potter did that back in 2000, it prompted the New York Times to finally add a children’s bestseller list to their categories – an action that was met with mixed reviews. 

At the very bottom of their bestseller lists, they state:  E-book sales for advice & how-to books, children’s books and graphic books will be tracked at a future date.  

Another big change was announced on Wednesday: Borders filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  They will be closing almost one third of their stores by the end of April. If you're here in the Tampa Bay area, we're losing the Clearwater Mall store, the Brandon store, and two on Dale Mabry.  For other areas, check their list of closings.

The article  lists several reasons for the demise of Borders, but two of the biggest are that they were slow to develop their own online store, and they were slow to react to the growing popularity of e-books and e-book readers.

The world of publishing is changing fast thanks to the e-format. Keep checking back here for the latest developments and the latest Kids E-book Bestseller list.