Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valuable Help for Authors Plus Another Freebie

On my bestseller list last week I noticed Karen McQuestion, an author I had not seen before. Her book, Favorite, hit the #9 spot on Amazon.

Coincidentally, my Google Alerts led me to Karen’s blog posting, "Do Kids Read E-Books?" I highly recommend it if you’re an author wondering about e-publishing vs. trying the traditional route with an agent and publisher.

On Karen's website she says, “After years of trying to get published traditionally, I self-published my books on Amazon's Kindle in 2009. Sales were great, and as a result, I now have five books (paperback and e-book) coming out under the AmazonEncore imprint, and one novel, A Scattered Life, optioned for film.” 

In the blog post, Karen shares her success story in detail, complete with her Kindle sales statistics. Plus check out the 29 comments, many from authors who have been on the fence whether to publish in e-format or try the traditional route. Seems like many are convinced to start as an e-book, thanks to all the info Karen shared.

Her media page is also a rich resource, especially the “ABC World News Now” link and her interview on J.A. Konrath’s blog. Enjoy – you’ll learn a lot!

Reaper by Rachel Vincent has been a solid contender on my bestseller list in 2010, hitting the #1 spot on BooksOnBoard for nine weeks in a row, and coming back to that position last week and this week. Good news -- Reaper is currently available in Kindle format for FREE. I’m sure this is a limited time offer, so if you’re interested don’t delay!