Saturday, January 8, 2011

James Patterson -- Children's Author?

On my way home from work on Friday, I was thinking about what to post this week.  I was thrilled to see my February Success Magazine in the mailbox, and even more so when I saw one of the articles featured on the cover, "James Patterson -- 56 Best-Sellers and Counting."

James Patterson's book Cross Fire showed up on my Kids E-book Bestseller list back on November 20th, in the #8 spot for (even though it is NOT a kid's book.) Then I didn't see anything from him for a few weeks before he came back on December 18th showing up four times on my list, with Witch and Wizard and Witch and Wizard: The Gift.  These have been going strong on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the Sony e-book sites.  

So what caused James Patterson to start writing books for children? His son! In the Success article, he says, "As I have watched him in school and watched him learn how to read and not be terribly interested in books at first, that was part of it."  The article says the other part was his "growing awareness that millions of kids have never read a book they liked."

The result? Not only is he writing children's books that are best sellers, but he also has a website,, designed to "help adults find books that kids are more likely to enjoy." It features book lists for all ages of kids, as well as many other valuable resources. I got lost in it for quite awhile and I think you'll enjoy it too.

For the New Year, I was hoping to update the stores on my bestseller list, adding the new Google ebook store and the Apple iBook store. However, the Google store is so new, they don't have a way to sort by bestsellers yet. I'll be checking back with them from time to time to see when that will change. And the Apple store is only accessable through an app for use on iPhones, the iPod Touch, and the iPad.*  I don't have any of those at this point. That, too, may change.

But for now, I'm adding Borders to my list. Like Barnes and Noble, Borders has two lists: Kids and Teens. To make room for them, I'm dropping and Their lists don't change much from week to week, indicating to me that either they aren't selling much or they aren't updating their stats very often. I want to endeavor to use the most popular, mainstream e-book store sites so my bestseller lists are a fairly accurate picture of what's happening with e-books in the children's fiction genre.  Check out the new list.

*Read about the current situation with Apple's iBookstore in this Publishers Weekly article.