Saturday, January 22, 2011

Follow-up, Nook News and a Freebie

Following up on last week’s post, I e-mailed Margi Preus and confirmed that her Newbery Honor book, Heart of a Samurai, is not currently available in e-book format. She promised to update me on that when she had more info.

Moving on to other news . . .

Last month Barnes & Noble, home of the color Nook, released a free app for the iPad called “Nook Kids for iPad.” Barnes and Noble claims to have the “largest and growing” collection of children’s digital picture books.*

At the B and N website, they have Nook downloads for other devices: iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Blackberry and Mac, but the Nook Kids app is only available for the iPad. I'm guessing this is because both the Nook and the iPad have two features in common. First is color, essential for children’s picture books. And the second is the touch technology that allows you to turn the pages by swiping your finger across the screen instead of by pushing a button as it is on the Kindle and other e-readers. This same touch technology also allows you to use the interactive features the Nook incorporates into some of their e-books.

At Christmas-time I downloaded Duck and Goose, It’s Time for Christmas by Tad Hill onto my Kindle. Although the pictures are clear, there’s no color (BORING) and it only shows one page at a time. 

Conclusion? If you’re interested in writing/reading/buying picture books and want an e-reader, either an iPad or a Nook are your best choices at this point.

And speaking of my Kindle, if you have one you can download a whopping 21 chapters of James Patterson's The Gift for free, for a limited time. That book has been on my bestseller list for several weeks.