Saturday, December 18, 2010

The New York Times Best-Seller List

Last month, The New York Times finally announced they will begin to publish ebook fiction and nonfiction bestseller lists sometime in the first quarter of 2011.*  No word on an ebook list for children yet. 

At this point in time, ebook sales are not included in their bestseller lists at all, which I find surprising and disappointing. They site the complexity of collecting accurate data from the various e-stores as the primary hurdle, which I can understand. The article says they have been working for two years on this.

Right now the New York Times has 14 seperate bestseller lists.** They break out hard cover vs. paperback, paperback trade vs. paperback mass-market, several categories of non-fiction, several categories of children's books and so on.  This raises the question: Should e-book sales be reflected seperately from print book (p-book) sales? Food for thought.

*Read their announcement HERE.

**Check out the current New York Times Best-Seller List HERE.

For the next two weeks I'll be updating the bestseller list and blogging on Friday due to the holidays.
This week's list has some new arrivals, including James Patterson with his Witch & Wizard series.  And 'tis the season:  Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg shot to the number one spot on Barnes & Noble's Kids list.  Have a look!