Saturday, December 4, 2010

Following the News on E-books for Kids

He’s making his list, checking it twice … and it looks like Santa will be delivering quite a few e-readers this Christmas. If you’ve been following the news feed on the left side of my blog, you’ve seen several articles claiming e-readers as the top techie toy of the gift giving season.

This week there have been two articles of particular interest to those of us following children’s e-books. 

First, Isabella Products announce the launch of a children’s tablet, called Fable. A tablet is more than an e-reader since it will also incorporate drawing, games, and broadband network access in addition to e-book capacity. The Fable is designed to be more durable than the average e-reader, taking into consideration “a child’s handling of the device and the external factors within various environments.” (I’m thinking crumbs, spilled drinks, and occasional submersion in the bathtub.)

Isabella Products is partnering with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and the Fable will come pre-loaded with “world famous children’s content” from HMH.

No Fables under the Christmas tree, however. The product will not be available until mid-2011.*

Our second story comes from Sesame Street. They’ve opened their own eBookstore which contains over 125 Sesame Street ebooks available in a variety of formats. Access to the store is on a subscription basis. The store is run and managed by Impelsys, a leader in providing electronic content delivery solutions. Their CEO, Sameer Shariff says, “We are confident that eBooks will be a big hit this holiday season with parents and kids enjoying time together reading!”**

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