Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My top ten reasons for starting this blog

Welcome to KidsEbookBestsellers.com, where I’ll be blogging about the changing face of publishing and the effect of ebooks on the authors, purchasers and readers of children’s books.

This blogs will feature the latest news on the ebook trend and the weekly top ten bestseller lists from the eight most popular ebook stores. (Check out the links in the top right corner.) 

If you’re a parent, librarian, author, teacher, reading specialist, publisher, agent – anyone interested in books for children, from picture books through to young adult – join the conversation and keep your finger on the pulse of the exploding ebook market and its impact on children’s fiction.

For my first post, I’ll give you my Top Ten Reasons for starting the Kids Ebook Bestsellers blog:

1) There is currently no industry wide ebook bestseller list. I decided to compile my own lists from the eight most popular stores into one easy-to-read chart. This snapshot is not available anywhere else.

2) Ebook sales are not currently reflected in the New York Times bestseller list.

3) The authors who are succeeding in the ebook format need to be congratulated and commended for their achievements.

4) These ebooks are selling online because of people’s choices, not because of extensive distribution to bookstores or their strategic placement within those stores.

5) The ebook platform gives authors a better chance of selling their work outside the traditional agent/publisher model, and it gives them a higher percentage of each sale.

6) A local high school purchased Kindles for their students this year, eliminating the need for printed text books.***

7) I’m an author of children’s stories and articles, so I’m closely watching the changing face of the publishing scene.

8) If a traditional publisher accepted one of my books today for publication, by the time it went through their 18 to 24 month process and finally hit the bookstores, I wonder how many bookstores will be left.

9) I love my Kindle.

10) This is the future of books, including children’s books. Change is difficult, but change is also exciting. I want to help you learn more about this change, explore how it will affect children’s fiction, and see what benefits may be in store for you whether you’re reading, writing or buying books for kids.

*** Read about it.

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